30 Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Messages & Images

True Friends are important in life because they make you smile in any situation; help you achieve your life goals, always stand by your side in your good and worst times. You can show your affection through the best friendship day quotes, happy friendship day messages, friendship day wishes, images, and pictures.

Friendship day is observed on the first Sunday of August each year. This year in 2021 friends day is going to be celebrated on 1st August.

You can share friendship day wishes, quotes, and messages through cards, messaging app, and with the gift.

Research reveals how the best friendships enrich lives, boost happiness, improve self-confidence and increase a sense of belonging and purpose.

Friendship day comes only once a year and you should not miss this occasion to enjoy yourself with your buddies. Share the below quotes, messages, status on friendship day with your friends.

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Happy Friendship Day Quotes images

1. Our best friends are our stronger supporters. They walk with you through the toughest of times and the happiest of moments. Tell your best friends how much you appreciate them today! Happy Friendship Day!!!

friendship day quotes
friendship day best quotes

2. If you got your best friends beside and if they are truthful, kind and crazy.
Don’t worry, because you will not face much sad and unhappy day in future. Happy Friendship Day!!!

happy friendship day messages
happy friendship day messages

3. Relationship with true friends is as important as Relationship with family. They always stand by your side in bad times and the good times. Happy Friendship Day!!!

best friendship day wishes 2021
friendship day wishes
best friendship day wishes

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4. Today is the day of friendship, and I must say I wish you were here right now. You are my heart, my best friend, my diary and everything else in between. I’m so blessed God put you in my life. There’s no me without you. I love you so much. Have the happiest friendship day!!! (Also see – 50+ You Are My Sunshine Quotes and Sayings)

Friendship quote for female friend
friendship day images
friendship day quote picture

5. It’s a friendship day today!! You’re such a loyal friend who never gives up on me, always willing to help, and works so incredibly hard to give me the best life imaginable. You are a genuine human being and my best friend forever!
Thank you for being my best friend. I love you so much!

– friendship day quotes for best friend

6. You deserve nothing but the best in this world.
Dear, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than you as a best friend and brother.
There’s never a day that goes by without you putting a smile on someone’s face and that makes you so special. I love you so much. Happy friendship day!!

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Happy Friendship Day Messages

7. You really do listen to the little things and the amount of effort you put into our friendship amazes me every day.
You are my best friend & of course, I without a doubt said yes, because my happiest place on earth is with you.

Happy friendship day!!
friendship day 2020
friendship day 2021

8. Filling your life with joy beauty
And peace, like a garden full of
Lucious & bountiful trees your best
A friend reaches out to you.
Whenever you need them!
When you are down it fills you up
It is you my sister & best friend.

9. True Friends are important in life because they can make you smile in any situation; they help you achieve your life goals, they always stand by your side in the good times and the bad times, they help you flourish, they protect yours from evils.
Happy Friendship Day!!! A friend in need is a friend indeed!!!

10. Thank you for being one of the best things that have happened to me.
I can’t describe the love I have for you, it’s incredible.
Thanks for being my best friend and so much more.
God bless you with health and many more years!!
Happy friendship day!!

11. I don’t need world friendship day to remind me of how wonderful of a friend you are and I’m glad to have my best friend in my corner always. Happy friendship day!!

12. Some people are not so lucky to have a true friend. A true friend is a protector, advisor, doctor, guide etc. If you have a true friend or friends, be sure to tell them what they mean to you! Have a very Happy Friendship Day!!!

Friendship Day Wishes For Best Friends

13. Family isn’t always blood. But the ones who would do anything to see your smile and who love you no matter what. Happy International Friendship Day.

Quotes for friends
Quotes for friends

14. I’m so lucky to have the friends I’ve met here.
You are fantastic at inspiration, charisma, humor, love, and light. Thank you.
Happy International Friendship Day.

15. Hardships, heartships. Online, offline. Near, far, wherever they are.
They’re like family, but special. Whether you’ve got a Makanship, Gossip or even a Battleship, celebrate Every Moment of happiness with your best friend forever.
Happy International Friendship Day.

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  16. Friendship is just like the barter system,
where one’s sadness is exchanged with other’s happiness.
Happy International Friendship Day.

17. The world has given us the pains, Nothing else we could gain, But Friends will always leave the stains That are unforgettable and insane. celebrate friendship day with your best buddies and let them know how important they are.

More Happy Friendship Quotes to Share in 2021

18. There are some people who care for you, no matter what.
Never let them go because not everyone is lucky enough to have them.
have a friendship day 2021!!

19. Real friends can easily sense the sadness behind your awkward laugh.
They are like a family who always stands by your side. Have a friendship day 2021!!

20. A true friend is someone who can understand your silence and try everything to make you laugh and never leave you in the bad times. Happy friendship day to everyone!!

true friends quotes
true friends quotes

21. Friends are our complete family, They stand for you like a father, They care for you like a mother; They fight with you like a brother, They are your responsibility like your sister. Without friends, one can not enjoy his life at his best. Happy friendship day to all!!

May be god believed that customization could result in optimized living. 
So he granted us the liberty to choose friends.
Family is default and friends are customisable.
Happy friendship day to all!!

Talk to a hundred people over the weekdays makes no difference,
Talking to a best friend on the weekends makes magic.
Loyal friends are like gems because they are difficult to find.
I’m wishing all of my best friends a happy friendship day!!

Caring as a mother,  Protecting as a father,  Strict as a teacher,  Carefree as a child,  Loving as a lover, Aggressive as a sibling,   A true friend can be anything and everything. Happy friendship day to all!!

25. We are the friends, we are the mess  We are not like others in the world  We’ll share, we’ll care Our love is so wild enough  Often mad, Always bad We get what we want like the fire and smoke.. We can burn and pollute. Happy Friendship Day, Everyone!!

Friends day 2020 quotes
Friends day 2021 quotes

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26. It’s Friendship Day! The perfect day to reach out to all your friends and tell them how much they mean to you for all the smiles, cares, fun, and colours that they have brought into your life.
Happy Friendship Day, Everyone!!

27. Friends are a very important part of life and having true friends around you, will always make keep you happy. True friends always be with you to share good and bad times and stand by you in the time of difficulties. When you’re in problems they help you to overcome and they make sacrifices whenever needed without their self benefits. They love you because they chose to love you not because they should. I’m wishing all of my best friends a happy friendship day!!

Friendship day best quotes and messages

28. Having friends is good in life, but having a soulmate friend like you is cherry on the cake. With you I can share good and bad memories; spent good and bad times together. Without you, I feel incomplete. Have the happiest friendship day!!

29. I don’t have a lot of friends, I don’t have any friends group. I’m not that funny but I know I’m lucky. I’m lucky because I have you in my life as a true friend. You’re only equal to the thousands of friends. You’re the best person I’ve ever meet and have in my life. I’m wishing all of my best friends a happy friendship day!!

Best friendship day messages

Your Best Friend Once in a blue moon in life, you find a special friend.
Someone who changes your life, just by being part of it, Someone who makes you roll in the aisles until you can’t stop.
Someone who makes you have no doubt that there really is congenial in the sphere, Someone who makes a believer that there really is an unlatched aperture, just look forward to opening it.

This is till doomsday friendship. When you’re down and the sphere seems cimmerian and forsaken, your best friend lifts you up in spirit and makes the cimmerian and forsaken sphere suddenly seem illuminated and plethora. Your best friend gets you through the callous duration, the bereaved bit and the baffling bit. If you turnabout and circuit apart your best friends follows. If you fail to keep your approach, your best friend convoy you but glee you on. Your best friend clasps your fist and fill in you that everything is going to be alright. And if you jewel such a friend you feel blissful and outright because you need not worry. You have a now and forever friend. Happy Friendship Day!!

Share friendship day quotes, wishes, messages, and greeting cards with your friend and friends. Let them know their value and respect in your life. Express your love through heart-touching and best happy friendship quotes.

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