Happy Birthday wishes for girlfriend

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend with images

In this article, I have shared cute and romantic happy birthday wishes for a girlfriend (GF). Happy birthday wishes for lover, romantic birthday quotes for gf, cute happy birthday quotes images for girlfriend. Best happy birthday wishes and greetings to share with your partner.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend with images

That look in your eyes when I kiss you on your birthday,
that’s the one I wait the whole year for.
It’s vulnerable and hopeful for a new surprise!
Happy birthday, sweetheart!!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend
Birthday wishes for lover

I remember the day you came into my life.
I was looking at you with an expression of amazement.
You were damn cute. A small little angel was smiling at me.
happy birthday my angel!!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend
Cute Birthday wishes for gf

Maybe, I won’t ever experience what moving on truly feels like, knowing…
your birthday shall remain my password for years to come by.
Happy birthday my love!!     

Let the day begin.
May you shine bright.
Blow the candles away…
Blow your fears away. Cut the cake…
And let your thoughts prevail.
Let yourself loose and live your dreams.
Wish you blissful Happy Birthday

Birthday Quotes for lover

To celebrate your birthday with me again is beyond my dreams!
And  To be a part of your celebration is beyond my imagination.
I’m lucky to have. Happy Birthday my angel!!

happy birthday quotes
happy birthday quotes

Finding your value in my life would be like
finding water in the ocean – it’s always there.
Without you, I would be empty.
happy birthday, sweetheart!!

Best Birthday Greetings

I have never seen you cry nor I ever want to be.
I have never seen you smile but I wish I could be.
The moment you opened your eyes, the sea started to wave,
the sky started to shower, and hope started to live once again
to make you feel worth because you earned it.
Happy birthday my love!!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

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Your love, my requirement, Your happiness, my concernment
Your birthday, my excitement. You are my sweetheart and
I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Happy Birthday my love!!

happy birthday my love quotes
happy birthday my love quotes

You have stolen my heart,
With your cute and innocent ways.
You’re my sunshine, my munchkin,
Yours smile brightens my day.
I’m wishing a very lovely happy birthday!!

happy birthday wishes to my lover
happy birthday wishes to my lover

My precious love
Who stands by me In my deepest need;
A bag full of happiness, Good health 
And the peace of mind today and always.
I’m wishing you a warm happy birthday!!

Happy birthday status for GF
Happy birthday status for GF

I wish you all happiness 
that touches your soul,
I wish you all strength at times you fall,
I wish you don’t feel pain if at all past hurts,
I wish you pass your days with smiles and travel many miles;
I wish you always find time to ease your mind;
I wish your dreams come true and all desires are fulfilled;
I wish I would take care of you all of my life;
You can always ask my help because I’m always there for you;
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday to you my soulmate!!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend
Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Within you,  I have found a perfect friend 
Someone who I know will be there till the end…  

And they are not just thoughts I hope will fulfil
But thoughts that will stand forever still…

Within you, I have found a perfect partner
with whom I can be real and never pretend…

You have always been unique from the rest
You have held a piece of me no other can possess…

I’m wishing a very blissful birthday with lots of love!!

long birthday message for girlfriend
long birthday message for girlfriend

Happy birthday quotes to girlfriend

Happy birthday my love!!
You will always be my princess.
Thanks for making me fall more and more with your round glasses.
Your smile and blue eyes are enough for my heart to skip its beat.
You’re the dream, You’re the star.
I’m one in your million admirers but you are only one in millions for me.

sweet happy birthday messages
sweet happy birthday messages

On this special day,
I know we’re miles apart,
I wish I was there with you,
But Baby, don’t worry,
I’m still in your heart. 
I wish this day and every,
Brings you loads of joy;
I wish you achieve everything
for, in you I’ve foy
My love for you is eternal,
On my heart your name I’ve carved
with all the love, I wish you a
very happy birthday my love.

sweet happy birthday messages
sweet happy birthday messages

We met by accident but now it’s a pretty incident, 
Still, remember the day we first met;
A guy known by many, understood by few;
You are my loveliest companion in happiness and blues,
I want you to be in my arms in the moonlight nights,
I’m wishing you a very happy and beautiful birthday!!

sweet heartfelt birthday messages
sweet heartfelt birthday messages

I didn’t want a fairytale, I did not want a happily ever after  
I’ did not want a perfect life, I wasn’t perfect, neither were you  
All I wanted to be a normal life;
With everyday struggles, fight and problems galore;
All I wanted to be was you by my side,
Always! Forever! Alas
Que sera sera! Happy birthday
Let your light shine!!

heart touching birthday wishes for girlfriend
heart touching birthday wishes for girlfriend

I wish you get better, beautiful and smart every year…
Don’t change even if thousands of years pass by….Be yourself.        

Long birthday wishes for a girlfriend

I think of you,  And strength comes to mind. 
Strength with a dash of softness,  Mixed with the right amount of sweetness;
Just the recipe to make a girl swoon.

You’re a girl of few words,
But like a snipper with a gun,
So are you with your words?

Your aim so accurate,
You never miss your target.
Reading your works,
Listening to your words,
Gives me endless brain games.

Poetry conflated our minds,
But that’s not all we share.

Happy birthday my princess, my pride!

Our love is as sweet as the cake, Hoping it never to be fake. 
Blessed with Apollo’s skill, With more efforts in poetry you drill.

I wish you soar to new heights, flapping your wings with all your might.
May you achieve all that you seek, without a moment of befalling bleak.

To my sweetheart I wish and pray, may this be your best birthday!!

Happy birthday sweetheart❤ 
Affection-filled soul,
Different impressive tone.
With a sweet smile, And dynamic vibe.
You will always be a delight,
As you can handle, and make everything fine.

Lots of love on your birthday!!

romantic birthday messages for girlfriend
romantic birthday messages for girlfriend

You are the foundation, to my build,
You’re the coolest dad, ever chilled, 
You light me up, when I am down,
You cheer me up when I frown. 

You guide me to the light,
you pick my side, in a flight
Yet you are the one
who I sometimes chide.

But above all, you are the reason,
I am alive and someone, who I try to strive,
to become one day and prove to the world,
You’re the reason why I thrive.

Wishing a very happy birthday my love!!

Birthday wishes for girlfriend

You’re just as amazing as the way you are,
You rock in your own style,
You’re the best gift that your mom has ever received.
You cherish the world with your smile.
You’re the most lovable creature on the earth.
You reflect only good things for the people who love you.
You’re truly a wonder of god’s creation!
Happiest birthday my dear love!!

Darkness, the relation which connects us. 
She slays in the mutual dark,
which shines like a lightning aurora.
The serene, pure, dulcet, preaching, eternally reaching aura
of her mightier than the mightiest soul.

Creating a chain of infinity,
in what is term frivolity.
Spreading layers and those umpteen
colours of face defying sanity
in the beauty of the moment.

Love, adoration, care, rudeness,
whatever may you call these?
For you’re an untouched, unhurled
the soul is why prefer all these,
beneath the overprotective shell.

My heart seeks a strangeness,
about the strangers falling one.
making her, his own and none
of the other bewildering wizards.

having my eyes stuck upon this,
for all she slays and plays ever.
Carving sculptures of mysteries,
and being all simple, all sober
in the innocence of a dream!!

Every bit of my mind knows, What you are for me.
Like the sun is for the moon, Like river is for the sea,
Like a scent for the flower, Like the breath for the heart.

Happy Birthday My Love! May you live longer and happier!!

With beauty in your thoughts And love in your actions,
You let silence do the work Humbled am I by her birth
This very day 20 years ago- An angel was born! 

Happy birthday my angel

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The day and night.
We never spent without a fight!
All through life, you became my walkthrough in my lowlife!
We may be apart and in the while, we may depart but never lose your heart.
As it pains me a lot!
Yeah, I am weak in conveying,
I’m dumb in delivering,
But you understood me with the bond of understanding!
Text me with a laugh,
And mix it with a cry,
Trust me I’ll be at your sides to make you high!
This is not the first birthday,
But trust me you’ll feel special and teary rebirth
with my warm wishes, whatever, death or birth!
Happy Birthday, Love!!

Nothing ever changes here That’s my heart says
So Another day Another year I will never let you go.
Happy Birthday Honey!!

Though, I know you are getting older “
But the more your beauty gets clearer.
You dress today is better than the sky of yesterday
And of course, will be radiant than the sub of tomorrow.
Let your beautiful heart shower the rain of love upon my thirsty soul.
I’m wishing a very happy birthday to my beautiful!!

May you never get affected by any parasite or flu;
May all your wishes get fulfilled even the ones that come out of the blue;
May happiness and positivity sticks in life as glue;
I wish a very happy birthday to you, my love!!

Happy birthday wishes for lover

Yes, I could wish you on exact 12 a.m But I didn’t.
Because I don’t want you to think that you are special and
I only think about you every time.
But I always wish you last with my long message.
So, wherever you’ll think about your birthday
My name will pop up in your mind,
And I’ll be happy inside that you think about me at least here.
Happy birthday, from the bottom of my heart!!

Flames burned a little brighter not because it finally realised it’s potential
But to match your spark, heavens cried saying we miss an angel,
The world smiled saying she is here to create one.
Happy Birthday My Angel!!

You have been the candle of my life,
Brightening my world and Igniting the soul within,
Your smile warms my heart, And laughter brings a beautiful art.
Holding your hands make me feel safe,
For a moment, I want to go deaf
And would hear the words only of yours,
Closing all the disturbing doors,
Today, let me take you all mine,
And my love, let me enjoy being on cloud nine.
Happy Birthday, My Sweetheart!!

birthday wishes for best girl friend

Happy birthday wishes for a girlfriend

Just Another day,  Endless blessings, 
Though expectations were few
I didn’t experience anything new
Words are less to express 
Feelings are in mode rest!!
A joyful happy birthday my love!!

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To the Cute Smile, to the lovely heart,
From the crest of sparrows to the defining art,
Everything is as placed as it should be, proper and on time;
Waiting for the clicking clock, tick-tock, tick-tock
It’s hard to get it off, this is that day when people stalk;
But believe me girl, all that attention and
care you get is all that you deserve;
Its almost midnight, the cake is ready and
the candle is left to be light;
Your friends along to make it more special for you,
just stayed blessed and take the next big flight;
Happy Birthday, may you always be the right shine!!

Within you, I have found a perfect friend
Someone who I know will be there till the end…

And they are not just thoughts I hope will fulfil
But thoughts that will stand forever still…

Within you, I have found a perfect partner
with whom I can be real and never pretend…

You have always been unique from the rest
You have held a piece of me no other can possess…

‘m wishing a very blissful birthday with lots of love!!

No matter where you’ll be,
You’ll always be in my heart.
No matter if the world is against you,
I’ll always stand by your side,
Today is the special day for me as well,
Today isn’t your birthday only,
But also we met for the first time on this day!
happy birthday and I love you always!!


My first year with you has been the most special year of my life.
I’ll continue to love you more and more every day.
Happy Birthday, My cutie pie.


I always remember your birthday because it is my favourite day of the year.
Happy birthday my loving babe!!


I wish you a lovely day, not just today because today it is your birthday, but all year round.
May you always wake up in the morning with a smile on your face Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes❤❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY CUTIE PIE, MY LOVE


Happy birthday to the girl who makes me better. Every single day.
May you always shine like a star and flow like an ocean.
Happy Birthday, Love!!


Meeting you was the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life❤ I want you to know how happy I am to be your boy❤ happy birthday my love!!


Thanks for coming into my life.
This is the first birthday I stay with you,
I will have the twice one, third one…and limitless
Please be healthy,be happy,I will always stay with you.


Having you in my life is a blessing,
I went through a lot together & I can proudly say that you’re my lover.
I may not be the best, but I promise to give you the whole world
And I love you more than anything.
A very happy and lovable birthday sweetheart.



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