Mothers Day 2020: Quotes, wishes & Poems

Mother is the most beautiful, merciful, caring, lovable, amazing and the strongest person in the world. I just cannot express my love for her in words. Her qualities are numberless and her love is infinite. It is impossible for us to describe what mother love is. If you can describe so, please let me know in the comment section. In this article, I have shared 30 inspirational Mothers Day 2020 Quotes, wishes & poems,

Mother’s Day observed globally every year on the second Sunday of the May month to celebrate “Motherhood”, maternal bonds and her influence in the societies.

The love of a mother for her child doesn’t reduce but even increases over time. Mother understand all of our problems without uttering a single word. She is a kind of goddess in the world. Like God, She also forgives our mistakes and always stands by our side in all situations.

Actually, Mother’s day is like others day because every day is the mother day. Mother is our best friend because we can easily share all of our feelings and every talk of our heart. She is the source of our inspiration, she is like a shield that always protects us from everything.

However, everyone is not so lucky because some don’t have a mother and some don’t receive the love they want from a mother. And the father is also very important for every child and both mother and

father love unconditionally to their child.

Although, this post is for Motherhood and Mother’s Day so, we have published 30 mothers day quotes and 5 mothers day poems to express our love for our mother.

Inspirational Mothers Day 2020 Quotes with images

1. “Mother is like democracy because she is for the children, of the children and by the children.
Her love shall never perish until her last breath in the world.” _Murshid Akram

Mother's Day 2020 Quotes
Mothers Day 2020 Quotes

2. “Becoming a mother makes a woman feel like God.
Other than him, only she can create and nurture life.” _Sailajanand

mothers day inspirational quotes
Mothers day inspirational quotes

3. “Mother!  It’s thunderstorm again!
I can’t sleep. Want to snuggle into you as I did as a kid. 
But now, I am miles away from you, And all I can do this time is miss you. _Unknown

Mothers day quotes from daughter & Son
Mothers day quotes from daughter & Son

4. “Mother is my diary
Where I can pour down
an ink of the “real me.” _varshita Machupalli

Heart touching mothers day 2020 quotes
Heart touching mothers day quotes

5. “Mother sacrifices her everything for me, Just to make my dream come true.” _Unknown

Mother's day 2020 Quotes
Happy mother day Quotes

6. “The relation between a mother and child is like that of paper and words. Even when the paper gets crumpled, words remain safe inside.”  _Sayoo

mothers day inspirational quotes
mothers day inspirational quotes

7. “Motherhood is a Celebration!!
Mother is an Emotion,
Mother is a Sacrifice
She’s Protection Best support to lean on
And her heart is the Best place to dwell in.” _Unknown

Motherhood Celebration Quotes
Motherhood Celebration Quotes

8. “Mother’s lap is the best place to find a feeling of true peace.” _Murshid Akram

Mother's Day 2020 Peaceful Quotes
Mothers Day Peaceful Quotes

9. “Mother’s love is undefinable, infinite, eternal and unconditional and no one can take her place. She is the goddess and she must be loved and respected in every way from everyone.” _Murshid Akram

Mother's Day Love Quotes
Mothers Day 2020 Quotes

10. “Day changed, month changed, the year changed but it is the love of a mother can change, even increase as the time passes.”_Unknown

Mother's Day Love Quotes
Mothers Day 2020 Quotes

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11. “I feel I’m in heaven when I live in surrounding my mother’s voice, laugh and love for me. That is the best feeling that I ever felt in my life.”  _Unknown

12. “ There is one similarity between the God and the mother, Both are merciful and forgive their children.” _Unknown

13. “Mom, She deserves the world’s greatness;
She is magic, who can bring the lovely heaven with her soft touch;
She is the one  to feel pleasure for our living;
Nothing in this world can compete her.” _Shreya G

happy mothers day inspirational quotes

14. “When you feel you FORGOT who you really are, 
MIRROR says, “that you are acting a  MOTHER role”. _Isha Miglani

Happy Mother’s day quotes

15. “The bond between a mother and her child is nameless, formless, undefined, of endless potential, unfettered by systems and scripture. It is the purest affection there could be, but yet unbelievable.”_The Omniscient Writer

heart touching mothers day quotes

16. “From complaining her for every other need  To realising that she is our only need; Mother, has always been, the biggest necessity in everyone’s life.” _Jyoti

mothers day quotes from daughter

17. O! Mother, I’m your reflection, my soul has your streams, in my lies bucket list and your basket of dreams.” _Unknown

mothers day quotes from son

18. “A mother can only define the real meaning of sacrifice who does sacrifice all her dreams and happiness for her child.” _Aayush

mothers day message

19. “Being a mother for a woman is the most blessed gift from God.” _Unknown

20. “In the lap of the mother, lies a beautifully serene, undiscovered and unfathomable.” _Unknown

Emotional & Beautiful Quotes for Mother’s Day

21. “Nothing is as beautiful as her smile, 
Everything is tasteless in front of her love, 
She is my Creator and my protector, 
Except for her everyone, is for a while.” _Unknown

mothers day inspirational quotes

22. But then, here comes a call, a call from you!
How do you do this?
And every time I face restlessness.
A 5-Minute banter with you gives me the best contentment.”  _Pallavi

mothers day quotes from daughter

M- Mystically adorable in appearance.   
O- Optimism runs her veins.
T- Tensed in fulfilling the family’s zest.
H- Her mind wanders and rests.
E- Energy plus might makes her an idol in plight.
R- Replica of the divine.
S- She is the best mother, my mom is so serene.
J _Moonlit

Happy mothers day 2020 quotes

24. “All love may be ostentatious, But the love given by Mother is real and pure as innocent souls and Kind as paper.”

mothers day wishes

25. “Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary – it’s an act of infinite optimism.” —Gilda Radner

Motherhood Quotes

Mothers quotes from daughter & son

26. “Your absence has gone through me like I’m badly injured by my heart. when I feel your absence, I realise that I’m nothing without you. That’s my mother.” _Kritika Namdev

Quotes for mother

27. “my mother gives me light like the sun,
I can touch her and kiss her and hold her without getting burnt.” _Unknown

Quotes for mother

28. “She loved me when I was broken, She loved me when I was none,
She loved me When I was ugly,
All I know is she loved me unconditionally.
She is my mother.” _Unknown

Quotes for mother

29. “Mother knows me in and out, 
The one I can trust without any doubt.
With whom I can laugh, enjoy and share everything like a best friend. _Jahnvi Thakur

Quotes for mother’s day

30. “I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.” _Unknown

Mother’s Day Love Poem

 Her womb is the universe for the child she bears,
Ignorant of her own needs, for the baby she only cares,

Praying and fasting for day &  night,
tears roll down even if the fever is mild,
Her lap is the abode of peace,

Her blessings are so powerful that problems cease
She nourishes her child’s every dream,
Her love and care is divinely supreme,

She acts as a pillar for the child to stand tall,
And also a cushion if the child falls,
Her roll in life is beyond words,
Thanking you is something I can’t afford!!!


Nine months, you carried
Although you were enervated
You for me bore
The intense pain like the share!!

Mother, you are oceans
Of moral and virtuous nations
You for me sacrificed merriment
For my prospect development!!

I kicked with my little legs
You smiled by eating eggs
You shared your stories
Which brought about glories

Mom, I promise you
That your daughter shall make you
Proud one or the other day
With love, you show my way!!

_Varshita Machupalli

Milder than the millenniums,
Calmer than the bottomless ocean,
Those glazing orbs shone;
Hiding the galaxy of sufferings. 

I named her my Angel!
Yet I forgot to heed those silent tears,
As she stood holdings her broken wings
She once thought was her souvenir.

Sweeter than the exilar,
Tenders as the powerful melody,
That gracious smile blossomed;
Stitching the scars of the past.

I named her my Mother!
Yet I forget to notice the little girl underneath
Scared and unguided in ember,
Walking proudly on her scarlet blisters.


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“You are always here in my heart,
Whether you are close or far apart.
I feel that my fear has gone,
When I sit beside you.

All of my worries have disappeared,
When I talked with you.
You hold my hand when I’m alone,
When I’m in lap,
I feel heaven on the earth
I’ll never forget your love and
I will again choose you, my mother,
in my next birth.

Thanking you for loving me,
For everything you giving me.
I’ll always be there for you.
Whatever conditions will be,
whatever circumstance will be.

My love will never change
Which I feel for you.
Because now I realised
The real meaning of your love
You are the best mother in the world.”

More Poems for Mother

Love of a mother to her child is precious beyond words;
Her children are the apple of her eyes;
She pours her love like incessant rain; 
To make her kid learn every new thing, she fights with all her heart and soul!

Show me a love like this so whole!
I bet no one can risk their lives to save anyone!
Not even promising lovers!
And even if they do, they expect the same from you!
But a mother doesn’t!

When her kid shops her away she understands and leaves!
When they come back realising their mistake she keeps her arms wide open!
This hug can never match with any of the lovers!

A body that carried you inside and knows your soul even before it came into you!
But she may or may not be with you when it leaves you!
If she is with you every day then cherish and love her!
Because no one can replace your own mother!

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Let enter the devastating flood 
But it can’t separate us 
My relation with her was of blood and I love her very much
She is none another than my mother.!

She is the ocean of love
Mother’s position is all above
no one can be compared with mother
I can never replace her with another!

Mother is a symbol of love,
affection and care
Really mothers have a lot
Of experience and stories to share

She takes cares of me
whenever I fall sick
She encourages me
whenever I became weak.

My mother is my helping hand
she makes our home
Fantasy and fairyland

Whatever the matter be
Big or small
She picks me up
When I fall!!!


The final heart touching mothers day message

“For most of us, a mother is the first priority,
Her unconditional love and restless nights,
Where she struggles to bring us into this world.
Where she’s connected to us
From the day we are in her womb,
Some are blessed with her love,
Some don’t. but everyone has a craving for her love.” _Jyoti J

To Celebrate International Mother’s Day, Share these quotes, wishes and greetings in any possible way to your mother. Respect your mother. Love her as much as she loves you. Be the best child so that she can proud of you.

If you want us to publish your quotes do share with us in the comment box, via email- [email protected] and Follow us on social media platforms.


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