50 Best positive Attitude quotes with images

You all are aware of what is the attitude and why it matters in your life. Your kind of attitude makes you different from others. Attitude is nothing but just a state of mind. How you feel about yourself and what you think about others is your attitude. So, in this article, I have collected 50 best positive attitude quotes about life, girl and boy.

Best Positive Attitude quotes with images

1. “Be a punching bag, all along, but when you strike, strike like a thunderbolt.”

positive Attitude quotes with images
positive Attitude quotes

2. I’m too bad at somethings, which means that I’m good at the remaining things too!!

positive Attitude quotes with images
positive Attitude quotes

3. “I lose but never lose my mind, I know how to fight back and changed the game. I always believe in me and myself.

4. “Having an attitude is not bad…but showing it out at a wrong time is.”

positive Attitude quotes with images
positive Attitude quotes

5. “Some say Beauty is all about attitude  But without gratitude, attitude is not beautiful anyway I feel.

positive Attitude quotes with images
attitude quotes

6. “Behavior is what we adopt what’s comes from within is Attitude!

positive Attitude quotes with images
Bad attitude quotes

7. “Winners fight to succeed, losers fight to see others fail. It’s your attitude which defines what you are.

positive Attitude quotes with images
Positive attitude quotes

8. Those who have a problem with me,
please hold on to it! 
Never let it go off! 
Breathe it!  Let it burn your insides!  Let it drive you insane!
Because as long as my conscience is clear, I just don’t care!!

positive Attitude quotes with images
attitude quotes for girls

9. “Winner or Looser … They would like to win with the attitude at the cost of real happiness!!

positive Attitude quotes with images
attitude quotes for men

10. “Wear your attitude according to the need of the circumstance.”

attitude quotes for men
attitude quotes for men

Positive attitude quotes on life

11. “If money creates a great attitude.
Probably then I would add money as my overall strength in my resume!

attitude quotes for men
attitude quotes for men

12. “Crows take shelter under the tree when it rains;
while an eagle flies above the clouds. ATTITUDE MATTERS!!

attitude quotes for boys
attitude quotes for boys

13. “I possess the attitude, that’s because I survived all upheavals.”

attitude quotes for boys
attitude quotes for boys

14. “I have no attitude I just concentrate on only those people who are interested in me.

attitude quotes for boys
attitude quotes for boys

15. “Teaching & Traveling both are the best way of learning  If you have the right attitude you can learn a lot during teaching & travelling.”

positive attitude quotes
positive attitude quotes

16. “You cannot please  everyone but you can  piss anyone, after all something is  better than nothing.”

Be yourself quotes
Be yourself quotes

17. “Reflections are very important. Your life is a reflection of your attitude. Save your attitude, don’t change for anyone. Be yourself.”

Positive attitude quotes
Positive attitude quotes

18. “Fortitude is the righteous Attitude.”

Fortitude quotes
Fortitude quotes

19. “Paste your ego On the wall & Carry your attitude In your pocket.”

Ego quotes
Ego & attitude quotes

20. “Carry yourself with attitude but don’t carry it with yourself.”

Bad attitude quotes
Bad attitude quotes

Best Attitude Quotes about life

21. “What’s the use of your beauty if you don’t know how to be kind with others.  SHIFT your attitude towards Kindness rather than  Beautifulness.”

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positive attitude quotes

22. “Break the things that break you.”

motivational quotes
one liner attitude quotes

23. “Fashion is not to Impress..  It is a kind of Attitude.”

fashion quotes
short attitude quotes

24. “An Attitude defines one’s personality, If you don’t have one means you don’t have a backbone.”

25. “Your appearance doesn’t value you! Instead, you are valued for your attitude!!

26. “Attitude exaggerates a Person to Personality… Ego dismantles the same Personality to Ashes. EGO ruins and ATTITUDE wins.”

27. “Forget me once..  I will forget you forever.”

28. “When you turn your attitude into ego, You don’t lose friends or love ones, You only lose yourself and your dignity.”

29. “Don’t try to change me…My changes will automatically be in your concern when your attitude towards me takes an undeclared twist!!

30. “No one “deserves” success- It is either earned with hard work Or lost to the hands of fate.”

31. “The greatest discovery is that a person can alter his life by altering his attitudes.”

32. “Nothing in this world can stop you
 If you have a good mental attitude for achieving your goal;
And nothing in this world can help you
if you have a bad mental attitude.”

Bad quotes Attitude

33. Once he was the most timorous of men, But today he is the boldest of them. Nothing has changed but ATTITUDE. 

34. Same food tastes different when served by two different waiters. Don’t blame the food, at fault is your attitude!

35. To DREAM is my PASSION  AND to follow my dreams is my ATTITUDE!!

36. “Money Can’t Buy Your Attitude, Live Your Precious One On Your Own Conditions”

37. The NATURE and ATTITUDE of the person make his own FUTURE.

38. The character of a person is made by his ATTITUDE in his tough times, not by what in his good times.

39. Wearing a cap doesn’t make him a man, wearing the attitude does.  Losing his cap doesn’t make him inferior, losing his character does.

40. We may be capable of doing so many things but it will be worthless if you don’t have a positive attitude.

41. Yes, I think I’m good and I’m better than you.
And I’m not saying this because I feel it,
I’m saying this because I proved it.

42. Attitude less person is same as tasteless food. Nobody gives importance to the attitude less person and nobody wants to eat tasteless food.

43. Attitude is a positive quality but some take it as a negative, And because of that, they lose their self-respect.

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44. Having an attitude is a good thing.
And everyone must have it.
But, how you handle it, defines your real personality.

45. Attitude is that quality which cannot be managed by everyone.

46. Attitude is like underwear; Don’t show it; Just wear it.

47. Our attitude is the reflection of our personality and our personality is the reflection of our attitude.

48. My attitude is to stay strong in a bad situation and stay happy in a good situation.

49. A man with a positive attitude always tries to find a way to solve the problems.
However, a man with a negative attitude always says he can’t do it.

50. Bad attitude not only makes you bad, but also affect your loved ones. Because your attitude matters a lot.

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