Top 28 Fraternity Quotes and Sayings of All Time

Fraternity Quotes

Tags: Fraternity and Brotherhood Quotes. Enjoy and share best quotes about fraternity. Fraternity quotes and sayings 1. Fraternity means that the father no longer sacrifices the sons; instead, the brothers kill one another. Wars between nations have been replaced by civil war. The great settling of accounts, first under national ‘pretexts,’ led to a rapidly escalating …

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80 Best Patriotism Quotes And Sayings

Patriotism Quotes And Sayings

Patriotism quote of the day: “Every man who loves his country, or wishes well to the best interests of society, will show himself a decided friend not only of morality and the laws, but of religious institutions, and honourably bear his part in supporting them.” –J. Hawes. I’ve collected 80+ quotes about patriotism. Content Best …

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75 Democracy Slogans and Independence Quotes

Democracy Slogans and Independence Quotes

“In contrast to totalitarianism, a democracy can face and live with the truth about itself.” –Sidney Hook. Get inspired by democracy quotes, independence quotes, and democracy slogans. In this article, I’ve shared the best democracy and independence quotes and sayings from well-known democrats, republication and inspiring people. I hope many of the quotes will inspire …

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