49 Romantic love quotes for her and him

Millions of poems have been written, Millions of songs have been sung, Thousand of movies have been made on love, more than hundreds of love stories we have heard, yet we are unable to express what really love is. However, It is the best feeling in the world. This is the reason when someone deceives you it hurts a lot. In this post, I’ll share romantic love quotes and images.

Quotes are the medium of sharing feelings and emotions. We share quotes to our loved ones to express our gratitude, emotions and feelings.

Romantic Love Quotes & pictures

1. “When you cry, I laugh but my soul cries;
When you laugh, I cry but my soul laugh;
The fact that I never questioned myself and my soul;
I know the answer would be you.” _ Varshitha Machupalli

Romantic love quotes
Soulful love quotes

2. “Whenever you sit beside me,
Simply I Lost my self completely.” _Reathanya Cnr

one liner romantic love quotes
one-liner love quotes

3. “I Don’t Believe in Fairy Tales but when I saw you,
I knew you were my prince and I’m your princess.
Walking with you hand in hand I don’t mind walking to unknown terrains. Will be each others strength throughout life Overcoming all situations with our love & compassion.”_Meeta Mehta

Romantic short love poem
short love poem

4. “I wanna go with you, In the world where You have come from. The world of dreams, Of love and peace. Oh! King of my dreams, Come to this real-world At least for once and take your queen with you to your beautiful world.” – Mridula

Romantic love quotes
Romantic love quotes for him

5. “Love does not mean to fulfil your physical needs but to understand each other and stay with him/her in their worst time is called Love.” _Mukul Kathiawara

one-liner love quote
One-liner love quote

6. “My fragrant flower you are, 
me the enchanted wind, 
caressing your petals with the gentle secrets,
I have saved  only for you.”     _Amit Jotwani

cute romantic love quotes
Cute love quotes

7. “Love is like fire, You can’t truly experience it without being burned.” – John Moore

Romantic love quotes
Inspiring love quotes

Inspiring English Love saying with Images

8. “I will love you.
As a long as the wind blow in the air
As long as the moon shines it’s bright into the dark night
I will love you until the end of my last breath.
the ends of my time.” _Tej R Shetty

Romantic love quotes
True love quotes for her

9. “I looked into her eyes, and she looked into my soul.” _Varshitha Machupalli

one-liner beautiful love quote
one-liner beautiful love quote for her

10. “A thought of you can still bring a smile,
A word of you can still make me visualize,
And just a picture of you.
Still, can take my breath away.” _Priyanka Sarkar

English Love quotes
English Love quotes

11. “I’m not going to give you any assurance and promises,
I’m the one who’ll be with you without any assurance and promises.” _Rubal Bhatia

Strong love Quotes
Strong love Quotes for her

12. “Every time when I watch him my heart and mind drifts for a few seconds in an illusionary world.” _Deekshaspeaks

Romantic love quotes for him
Romantic love quotes for him

13. “I love how you tell me I look cute, I love how you want to spend time with me; I love how we can talk for hours about anything, I love how we text each other as soon as we wake up, I love how you make me cry!
But I really love how you see the person I really am!
I love how we are just perfect for each other.” _Reathanya Cnr

14. “You meet thousands of people and none of them really mean something to you!
And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.” __Reathanya Cnr

Romantic love quotes for her

15. “When I’m madly in love with you babe,
With every essence of your heart and soul, I will never give up my love for you, I will always be there holding your hands,
I will always be standing beside you, babe.” _Reathanya Cnr

Love quotes for her
Romantic Love quotes for her

16. “You are there in the distant land  Alone, untouched, higher Yet your brightness and heat  Can be felt here so far Same is the case with love, no matter how far it is, It is always in your heart regardless of anything.” _ Meenu Mendiratta Gulati

17. “If I’m standing by you, I will always stick with you, If I love you, I’ll be in your comer, no matter what.” _Unknown

18. “It feels blessed to be touched by the person who understands your mind and heart. The person who acknowledges your imperfections and loves our soul.” _Unknown

19. “Love is a comfortable relationship Where you can be yourself Where your flaws are acceptable Where your worst part get approved Where you get the real feel of comfort and it’s only because of your comfortable partner.” Reathanya Cnr

20. “I have no choice other than you I have to feel your tender touch  I have to hold me in your arms No one could take your place You are my love of grace.” _Reathanya Cnr

inspirational love quotes
inspirational love quotes for her

21. “I am jealous I am mad I am possessive Because I love you too much  I don’t want to lose you.” Reathanya Cnr

22. “You are my strength  You are my weakness I love you so deeply, I hope our love will shines over time.” _Reathanya Cnr

Romantic quotes for girlfriend

23. “You are my soul, You are my heart  You are my whole world baby! My love for you is pure and true! I just waiting to hear your “I love you” to urge the pounding of my heart goes overwhelmed in it.” _Reathanya Cnr

24. “Your smile is enough to stop my miseries Your sorrow is enough to stop my breathe  Your love is enough to stop my ego But your ignorance is enough me to stop my heartbeat.” _Reathanya Cnr

25. “I have came across so many Impressing people in my life!
But you are the only amazing thing happened in my life!
I wonder it as Love  I surrender me completely in it.” __Reathanya Cnr

inspirational love quotes
inspirational love quotes

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26. “The true soul is the one that makes you a better person
without changing you into someone other than yourself.” _Unknown

27. “The heart that meant to love you Never get strength from your weakness! Never get joy from your cry! Never get entertain from your hurt! It wants to see the smile of you forever.” __Reathanya Cnr

28. “The way he kept her insecurities to sleep  The way he looking into her eyes  The way he hold her into his arms  The way he kissed her forehead  Explicit his way of love for her.”__Reathanya Cnr

29. “Love is not a romance or passion  You accept the virtues and vices of the person wholeheartedly! Because you find that you still long to share a life with that person.” __Reathanya Cnr

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30. “Love is subjective and non-definable. We will never know if we were really in love. Sometimes we think we are until we meet someone different. Being in love is the newness, the mystery of the other person. The strong feelings to be with them and find our more. To love someone is when you know all about them, even the bad side they hide at first. And despite that decide that you can’t live without them. That’s true love.”– John Moore

True love quotes
True love quotes

31. “Love is elusive and deceiving,  you never quite know it’s real until it’s gone.” – John Moore

32. “Daylight trickles in when I wake up smelling of you.” _Amit Jotwani

33. “Within me is a soul that cannot be burnt, but you managed to.” _Amit Jotwani

34. “I love to walk beside you,
Wherever It may be
How far it may be.” _Reathanya Cnr

35. “You know you are in love!
When you can say something to that person,
And you know they won’t laugh at you,
You know you are in love!
When you cannot imagine your life with that person,
and you cannot figure it out how your life before you knew that person!!
Real love will complete  your heart, soul and mind at the same time.” _Reathanya Cnr

Short love poem
Short romantic love poem

36. “I love how we are endlessly Make fun of each other, But never teasing to heart I love the way how you love me.” – Reathanya Cnr

37. “Love is a language which you have to feel.
your place is still in my heart and not given the place to anyone.
Never think that if I get a better option I will leave you,
remind one thing that you are mean, the world to me.”__Jenifa M

Sweet love quotes

38. “You own my heart We’ll never be apart
You’re my happiness Promise me forever moments of togetherness Your smiles, a delight to my soul Your magic allures me as a whole, Love me, capture my happiness in your eyes, Hold my hand and take me into your paradise.” _Srinika

Romantic Love quotes
Romantic Love quotes

39. “His eyes are full of innocence His moves are full of decency. His presence gives me a joy He belongs to me he is my boy.” _Wanie Snowber

40. “You are so Cute  Sweetness flows from your appearance and your cuteness makes me fall more in love with you.
Just not your looks are cute but your personality too.
You are worth millions of compliments and
I will spend my life telling you how wonderful and stunning you are.
Your voice is so cute, Your smile is so cute.
In a room full of art, I’d all stare at you, my dear!
You are a beautiful and wonderful soul.
Recognise and illuminate it.” _Monir Hussain

Beautiful love poem
Beautiful love poem

feeling love quotes


41. “A true lover will never put themselves in the state of losing you.” _Unknown

42. “A strong relationship is one where the people choosing to love each other,
Even in those moments when you struggle to like each other.” _Reathanya Cnr

43. “The more I look at him the more I drown in him.” _Deekshaspeaks

44. “I wanna touch you over those places where I could leave my fingerprints on your soul.” _Rubal Bhatia

45. “Even If we are not together you are always with me in my memories.” _Thabsira

Strong love quote
Strong love quotes

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46. “Love always stays young
no matter how old you are.” _Rubal Bhatia

47. “You’re the only one who comes into my mind from the moment I go to bed till I fall asleep.” _Rubal Bhatia

48. “Love is only when you make her feel beautiful by reflecting your vision into her eyes.” _Rubal Bhatia

49. “I’m your shadow,
But I won’t leave you in your darkness.” _Rubal Bhatia

Strong love relationship quote
Strong love relationship quotes

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