Nature quotes images and poems

25 Beautiful Nature Quotes images and Poems

From Sun to moon, from the sky to the land, from the seas to the deserts all are the beautiful arts of god. from birds to animals, from fishes to insects, from trees to ponds all are the beautiful arts of god. There are tens of thousands of beautiful and alluring natural places in this world like Mountain Everest, Amazon river, the grand canyon, the island of Santorini and many many more. In this post, I’ve published beautiful Nature Quotes images and Poems and stunning nature’s pictures.

Nature Quotes images and Poems and HD wallpapers

“The sky so clear and blue
Strong and magnificent
Painting a stage for the sun to shine bright,
So full of light Fiercely boosting earth’s energy
Providing a new cycle of life,
for new life to be born full of joy, happiness and belonging cherished and love
Pure, playful and carefree with sparkling eyes, shining bright.”  
-Linda Rothman

Nature Quotes images and Poems
Nature Quotes images and Poems

“walking towards enchanting greenery in the light of melting sun every touch of the sweet breeze drag me in the serene ocean.” -Kavita

Nature Quotes images and Poems
Nature Quote with image

“Nature does speak but only to those who know how to listen.”

Nature Quotes images and Poems
Nature’s beauty pictures

“In the lap of nature, lies a beautifully serene, undiscovered and unfathomable” – The wallflower thoughts

Nature Quotes images and Poems
Nature’s Quotes with images

“Nature spellbinds us to loose our artificial and ornamental self, even if for a short duration. It inspires us to speak out our inner self. Nature is pure and it purifies us in every aspect. Artistry of God” _Wahid Yusuf

Nature Quotes images and Poems
Nature Quotes images and Poems

“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted
when all the waters have been polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe you will realise you cannot eat money.”

Nature Quotes images and Poems
inspirational nature quotes and sayings

“Nature sings so many lovely songs, gives so many adorable scenes for the people who see with their heart, not with their eyes.” -Siri

Nature Quotes images and Poems
Green nature quotes

Nature beauty quotes

“Let the beauty of nature remind us to appreciate the beautiful Art of God.”

Green nature picture with quote
Green nature picture with quote

“All love may be fake, But the love given by nature is pure as innocent souls and Kind as paper.” _Anam

Sunset image with quotes

“The Sun may be bright, with its own light, But, it is the Moon you look forward, To talk to, every night.”__NN

Nature's Quotes and poems
Beautiful quotes for moon

“Waterfall reminds me That life never goes back Its always a unidirectional journey And to sustain every time A harsh drop is required to Again go with the flow.”__Mahi

Nature Quotes images and Poems
Waterfall nature quote picture

“I do not own any house. The world is my shelter I do not cultivate any crop. Nature is my food. I travel wherever my warmth of desires takes me. I wander from place to place. Nature is still not hostile. I am VAGABOND. “__Shrish

Nature Quotes images and Poems
Nature Quotes images and Poems

“I have stopped knowing about people, When I knew, Only Nature can save Lives without any expectations from Humans! Added in my Life Learnings.”__Sandhya

Best nature quotes with image
Best nature quotes with image

“Get closer to the Nature For it had many Unheard Voices Unexpressed Emotions Untold Messages Unrevealed Mysteries And Never-ending Surprises.”_Sweta Saanvi

Nature beauty quotes with picture
Nature beauty quotes with picture

Quotes about nature

“Sometimes I just sit alone in the garden, look at the sky and wonder how beautiful the world is.”

Enjoy Nature beach
Enjoy Nature beach

“If one really loves nature, one can find beauty everywhere.”

Nature Love pictures
Nature Love pictures

“If you are willing to learn something new Fever of nature give you the idea “Imperfect but still complete” _Safura Arshi

Short nature quote

“Nothing in the world lives for itself Sun does not shine for itself Rivers don’t drink their own water Flowers don’t fragrant for itself Tree doesn’t eat its own fruit. So why we live selfishly we must follow nature message and we must respect it.”

Nature Quotes images and Poems
Nature quotes with picture

19. “

“Nature is something called deep love
You get attracted towards it very graciously
U feel loved by its airy touch
You connected when it bloom
U feel sad when it’s gloomy
But you feel love.
You can connect with your inner mind
Nature loves you back unconditionally
If you do not harm him without any cause.” _Sweta Chetry

Beautiful nature poem image

“Stars are glittering in the sky,
Flowers are making a blissful dye.
In this beautiful scenario, my man,
If I give you my moonlit hand,
Will you hold that with your heart?
Oh my, man.

Nature Quotes images and Poems
Romantic nature quotes

Alluring Nature Poems

“The leaf dances On the melody of flowing wind.
The flowers bloom Sharing the tang to the mankind.
The tranquil stream Echoes down into the air.
The sunkissed shares enlightens life over the year
The enchanting hills glimpses the rising sun,
The foggy softness stills,
Releasing the stress of mind.
The nature is beaming
a boon to the life
The humans are thriving
A reason to alive.”


“I have heard echoes from the mountains
 Bathed in the gentle drizzle of the fountains
I have swam in the rivers and oceans
Travelled through valleys and learnt my lessons.
I have climbed upon the hills
Played in the sands of many fields
Walked through many pathways in the forest
have experienced Nature in the fullest.

I have been in the wilds
see many animals at their natural sites
heard many sweet birds singing
seen many creatures evolving and growing.
As a child, I received many inspirations from Nature
Which have added many new prospects to my future,
Even today Nature continues to play a vital part
In shopping and completing my every task.
 As a kid, I then didn’t realize
 what effect nature shall have upon  my psyche
Impulses from Nature have today made me wise
          I feel happy today
That Nature has kindled the poet and scientist inside.”

_Pawan Pakharial

Quotes about nature and happiness

“Standing on a bank of the river.
I can hear the chirping of birds.
A flock of crane feeding themselves.
Fishes dipping in the water.
Clouds are clear in the sky.
Flying birds soaring in freedom up in the blue sky.
Scent of flowers make me calm.
All this is the effect of quarantine and mother earth is healing itself.
Nature is giving the best reply.”

_B. Yoge

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The air is pure
The Sun is radiant
Soul is raw

Clouds are musing
Birds are chirping
Wind is moaning

Stars are winking
Moon is grinning
Nights are romantic

Humans are reckless
Animals are hopeless
Nature is clueless.

_Manikarnika Manu

“Holding a pen to write
verses about the rain,
Sitting at the windowpane;

Yet, raindrops read the
living poem dancing
with no umbrella albeit
feathers wide open
like a dazzling peahen.


How nature teaches us value? 5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Nature


How brutally humans have hurt nature!!!
We all know. But, here is a truth that nature teaches us at every point.

SUN- Everyday rises from east and sunset to west (morning & evening).
What a punctuality and discipline it has, And what do we do?

MOON- It has a spot too in its beauty, still, it shines and gives light in the night.
Tells to feel yourself that you are a beautiful too during imperfection also.
And What do we do?
Don’t we judge sometimes according to appearance!!

TREES- Learn to bend with the wind and stand strong in the storm and keep growing.
Tells to be silent sometimes. To stand and to fight.  Change and transformation.

BIRDS- They have trust on their self before flying in the sky. Fly together
 Tells about confidence, faith and making bond.
WATER- It has no colour, no face and no taste but it has clarity,
its flow is slow sometimes in the long journey.
Tells the dimension of stillness and source of positivity etc.

These are some elements of Nature
Like this, if we think and try to relate we would come to know that how lucky we are.
Be sensitive for sometimes and respect this teaching.  _Rachit Jha

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