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45 best life quotes that help you better understand life

Life is a unique journey because Its travellers are unknown to their destination. By sitting on the window seat they learn the principle of life. Absorb the feelings of themselves and others. Analyse their mistakes and the lessons learned from it. There is a lot to say about this journey, we simply cannot describe it one article. However, we can learn something about life from the quotes of common people like us.

45 life-changing quotes that relate you with your real life

1. “Life is often made up of black tea with the choice of adding milk & sugar as per our taste,
But we mess up, we pay more attention to the cup of the cup instead of the tea.” _Amit Jotwani

Humorous Life quotes by Amit Jotwani
Humorous Life quotes by Amit Jotwani

2. “As you travel through life & learning and what you have learnt becomes your companion.” _Sherin James

Life quotes
Life quote by Sherin James

3. “We live in a world where we walk on the narrow balancing beam and become a part of the circus.” __Banjara Badal

Quotes on Life by Banjara Badal
Quotes on Life by Banjara Badal

4. “When a man is normal, He can do anything to save his life,
and when a man is abnormal, he can do anything to kill it.” _Susane

Truth Quotes
Truth Quotes

5. “Being you is the toughest thing in the world.” _Deekshaspeaks

Life Quotes
Quotes by Deekshaspeaks

6. “When life hits you with a brick,
pick it up and save it,
Collect them all until you have enough to build your dream house.
How we handle our problems builds our future.” _John Moore

Inspiring life Quotes
Inspiring life quotes by John Moore

7. “There’s nothing like superpowers, it’s the confidence and believe that makes you win the world.” _Srishti Mishra( Meera)

Motivational Life Quotes
Motivational Life Quotes by Meera

8. “Life is not fair enough that what you think will happen.
It’s just fairer than death, Because you have to face many difficulties, and
even though you have to behave like nothing had happened and make a smile that’s all.” _ Mukul Khatiwara

Positive Life quotes
Positive Life quotes by Mukul

9. “If you are not doing what you love,
then your life is not started yet.” _Murshid Akram

Quotes to live by
Quotes to live by (Murshid Akram)

10. “Our lives are a reflection of our habits more than our knowledge.” _Unknown

Wise Life Quotes
Wise Quotes

True life quotes sayings

11. “The anatomy of loneliness heavily depends on the psychology of solitude.” __Banjara Badal

12. “The most worried and demotivated people are those,
who don’t have the aim to work on.” _Murshid Akram

13. “Relationships are harder now because,
conversations become texting,
arguments become phone calls, and
feelings become status updates.” _Dipendu Palit

14. “Nowadays people don’t accept their apologies
They just go on with their theories.” _Sherin James

15. “When people hate you,
you tend to be in their mind longer than when they love you.” _ Sherin James

Wisdom Quotes
Wisdom Quotes

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16. “It’s beautiful how we are still hoping that sooner or later, everything will be fine.” _Srishti Mishra( Meera)

17. “Life is a like an earphone,
no matter how many times you unravel it,
eventually It becomes complex.” _Murshid Akram

18. “If the death could die for a while? So the life could live.” _Banjara Badal

19. “I have been judged by multiples and understood by only a few.” _Murshid Akram

20. “In some experience of my life,
I have realised that the number of solutions is always greater than the number of problems, we just have to think a little bit much to get the solutions.” _Murshid Akram

Positive Life Quotes
Positive Life Quotes

21. If someone cannot learn from his/her own mistake,
Then no one can make him/her understand.” _Murshid Akram

22. “The best sacrifice is the:
sacrifice of desire, sacrifice of anger,
Sacrifice of arrogance, and sacrifice of comfortness.” _Murshid Akram

23. “Sometimes the more we learn the less we know,
As we acquire more knowledge It becomes apparent that in a lifetime we can barely learn a drop in the vast ocean of knowledge, and that which we do learn changes with progress .” _John Moore

24. “Be in the light that tears through the darkness,
The darkness is no match for your life,
The fear of what you can’t see is an illusion.
As you walk into the unknown, your light will reveal the path.” _John Moore

25. “We humans have the power to self-heal;
If you cut your finger, it just heals.
This can apply to all, If you believe it’s possible,
The miracle of healing is found in the faith that it is so.” _John Moore

Motivational Life Quotes
Motivational Quotes


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26. “Your perception creates your reality because your vision projects your desire.” _ John Moore

27. “Let’s dive deeper and find the fullness in you.” _Mukul Khatiwara

28. “Freaking cold morning and fucking teenage life both are meaningful,
but to handle them are the most difficult task,” Mukul Khatiwara

29. “Live your life the way you want, Because no one will appreciate you after you die.” Mukul Khatiwara

30. “If you don’t like where you stand then just leave it.
It’s not always compulsory to satisfy your personal greed,
sometimes look for happiness too.” _ Mukul Khatiwara

Life quotes about happiness
Life quotes about happiness

31. “Too many authors spoil your book of life,
Be the only author of your book of life.” _Sherin James

32. “In the world of fake people,
looking the right person is like searching for a diamond in the stone.” _ Sherin James

33. “We all want a good life in the end and yet we’re too busy to even give it a shot.” _Srishti Mishra( Meera)

34. “As long as you’re appreciating life, you’re living it.” _Srishti Mishra( Meera)

35. “We all have been chasing ourselves out,
but the inward road got so dusty that we can’t even see the track.” _Banjara Badal

Truth Quotes
Truth Quotes

Short Life quotes


36. “Adjustment may not come with comfort but it’s love that finds it’s way to easiness.” _Srishti Mishra( Meera)

37. “Leaving the world behind and living life the way you want to is obviously selfish, happily selfish and it’s not wrong.”
_Srishti Mishra( Meera)

38. “Rumor” mongering is done by unhealthy and unhappy people.” _Deekshaspeaks

39. “A life punctuated with errors that form the baggage of a “could have been” relationship.
too much to ask for “autocorrect”?
Victims of the ambitious commas that life & love come bundled with.” _Amit Jotwani

40. “To get better at life,
love unconditionally,
give without reason
and accept with gratitude.” _ Amit Jotwani

Wisdom Quotes
Wisdom Quotes

41. “Sometimes you face darkest sides of your life, challenges, sacrifices, responsibility, dreams all seem to vanish in a fraction of a second. In those hard times remember that there is the storm within you, No matter how hard & which side is it pulling you to. Just dive into that, take your actions step by step. your actions of today will surely pay you tomorrow.” _ Purvang Mehta

42. “Those who don’t understand your feelings,
do not even matter to your silence.” _Arvind Maurya

43. “They leave you when you become a mess and they try to come back when you clean it.” _Unknown

44. “Someone’s normal is another’s abnormal, No one has ever been trained to even obey their own will.” _Jauzun

45. “Surround yourself with those people who see greatness within you,
even when you don’t see it yourself.” _Dipendu Palit

Quotes by Dipendu Palit

REALITY OF LIFE (By Murshid Akram)

A life is nothing without ups and downs. Everyone in this universe has to face both sides of life, one is beautiful and another one is difficult. If anyone is happy in one circumstance so he is also worried in other context and it’s really happen with many people.

Every day we criticise, motivate, encourage and advise people as per our thinking. Sometimes our these efforts work and sometimes don’t.

We tell people
Do whatever you want to do,
Don’t let others control you,
Always listen to your heart,
Be your own leader,
Enjoy your life,
Etc etc etc…

Pic source: pexels

We all are right in some context but this is not possible to do always what you want to do. It’s not always possible to stand where, where you wanted to be. Life isn’t too easy to live.

Sometimes strongest people also look feeble and feebles look stronger and this is reality.

The reality is that we can’t enjoy every moment of our life. we can’t always do whatever we want to do; we can’t always listen to our heart, we can’t always stand where we wanted to be a stand, we can’t always do self-work.

Sometimes we have to work under someone,
Sometimes we have to act for others,

Always we have to do according to the situations and situations can never be always in our favour.

But…. But … But…

There are different ways to live life positively like Never miss any opportunity to work independently, never miss any moment of enjoyment, always find the moment of happiness, if you can’t find so create a moment of happiness.

Learn from your failure and encourage from your success and try to be creative, happy, positive, kind, real as much as possible.

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