80+ Wisdom Quotes And Sayings

Wisdom Quotes

In this post, I’m going to share wisdom quotes on love and life. Quotes give us ideas and help us to be creative. Enjoy these quotes and share on your social groups. Short Powerful Wisdom Quotes with images 1. “When I look backwards, I should be able to see my footsteps. When I see forward … Read more

85 Romantic love quotes for her and him

Millions of poems have been written, Millions of songs have been sung, Thousand of movies have been made on love, more than hundreds of love stories we have heard, yet we are unable to express what really love is. However, It is the best feeling in the world. This is the reason when someone deceives … Read more

75+ Best Life Quotes And Sayings

Father and Son walking together in the beautiful park

Life is a unique journey because Its travellers are unknown to their destination. By sitting on the window seat they learn the principle of life. Absorb the feelings of themselves and others. Analyse their mistakes and the lessons learned from it. There is a lot to say about this journey, we simply cannot describe it … Read more