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50+ Inspirational Quotes About Compassion

In this world of I, me and myself, we need to be compassionate. Each of us can do something to make the world a better place today to help end suffering; To help someone reach higher heights, To listen to others and to help people, Heal and have hope. In this article, I’ve collected heartwarming and inspirational quotes about compassion; empathy, sympathy, solicitude and tenderness.

Compassion quotes with images

1. “Compassion isn’t a weakness, it’s using our strength for those who need it most.
It doesn’t care what we think, it cares what we do
Put compassion into action. Be Kind To All Be”

Compassion quotes

2. “Having compassion for yourself and others without criticism or judgment creates a space for more blessings and spiritual growth”

Quotes on compassion

3.“Redemption from breakdown lives in forgiveness, but forgiveness comes rooted in compassion..

Lisa Nichols
compassion and forgiveness quotes

4. The world needs compassion. Every day; people go through challenges we may not be aware of, just to get through the day. The best thing we can do is reach out and lift people up.

inspirational compassion quotes

5. “We have to approach life with empathy to understand other people and give them second chances. When we do this, we find we open ourselves up to more people who bring joy and positive change.”

quotes on compassion and empathy

6. Expand your compassion, Love, sympathy and optimism and project them in your conduct and you will find it reflected back to you as a world full of bliss.

love and compassion quotes

7.“Each of us can do something to make the world
A better place today, to help end suffering,
To help someone reach higher heights,
To listen to others or to help people
Heal and have hope.”

Beth Frates
hope and compassion quotes

8. “Some people may never accept that we’re disabled by pain or invisible illness… The kindest thing we can do…cultivate compassion for ourselves over any suffering we’re experiencing as a result of their lack of understanding.”

quotes on compassion

Compassionate and Empathy Quotes

9. Kindness creates a special sweetness in your mind and a super softness in your soul.

Beth Frates
kindness quotes

10. Be the calm helper. Be that miracle to someone. When everyone stares blankly & thinks ‘glad it’s not me’, in that split second- take action. Helping someone in that moment of chaos/fog will change both of you, for the better.

helping someone quotes

11. How we treat each other reflects on us as a people. Compassion is needed to make the best systems and protocols work. _Naomi Francis

12. Compassion is a deep connection between yourself and all creatures.

13. One thing that putting the entire world on ‘pause’ has made abundantly clear: society is structured too heavily on superficial things designed to distract us & not enough on the ones that truly matter family friends kindness compassion values.

14. Privilege is believing that something is not an issue just because it is not an issue for you.
Compassion is knowing that something is an issue, even if it is not an issue for you.

15. “Focus on the light at the end of the darkness.
During a difficult time, hold onto love, caring & compassion.
Some people have lost everything.”

love, caring and compassion quotes

16. It’s okay to not feel okay. This is the essence of compassion. The more we can allow ourselves to be exactly where we are, and invite even the slightest trickle of kindness and acceptance, the more things begin to shift on their own. _Oren Jay Sofer

17. Compassion isn’t a weakness, it’s using our strength for those who need it most.
It doesn’t care what we think, it cares what we do
Put your compassion into action

Quotes on Compassion

18. Fear stops us living
Only hatred we need to fear.
Love keeps us giving
Only empathy brings us near.
But only compassion heals our wounds
& defends our friends without a name.
Demands action to end their suffering & pain.
It cries never again!

19. I’ve definitely decided to accept my limitations while still striving to find the best way to be successful and true to myself and those I love.

20. “Love does magical feats. It breaks down barriers and makes us feel more complete. Love reveals itself in kindness, compassion and helpful action. Make love your way to be. Share your love tirelessly.”

Dr Jo Anne White
love quotes

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21. “Be kind to others, be kind to yourself. “People who are self-compassioned tend to be more inspired, motivated, active, and more successful in the long run”

22. “If someone’s judging you…remember it’s his or her problem…your task is to not pay attention to how others are evaluating you but…to how you’re treating yourself—and that should be with compassion, kindness…vow to never take sides against yourself.”

23. By harnessing All responsibly and compassionately we could help solve humanity’s biggest challenges, delivering clean energy, universal healthcare, new materials and the eradication of poverty and hard labour. We must be inclusive and determined. _Nando de Freitas

24. We all are born diseased, and the desire for ephemeral happiness is certainly not the cure, but a prolonged and disciplined therapy of compassion is.

25. Where there is Love, there is fear! And when Fear overcomes love, only Compassion works another form of Love!

compassion and love quotes

Quotes about compassion

26. Tread Oh heart, Peacefully and happily, Let no regrets or fears Fog your path.
As you pass through the wood of life, Let the love encompass you and spread,
Let the joy of living life inside you and grow, Let the compassion illuminate the life in you.
Let yourself be free and weightless to soar high, high in the sky.

27. The Day We Realise The Importance Of How Over How Much Or How Good Compassion Creeps Into Us Changing Our Entire Outlook Towards Existence In Perseverance And Not Excellence.

28. “Always try to look a little beyond your understanding. Maybe, the key to all your locks lies in compassion…!”

29. Time is a wonderful teacher. With time, we realize that it’s best to work as a team. Be compassionate. Help others to succeed as often as you can and comfort those in need whenever you can. _ Beth Frates

30. The most important feeling we can have to change the lives of millions of people is Compassion!

quotes on compassion

31. The older I get, the humbler I become in understanding and being cognizant that everyone is dealing with something that feels catastrophic to them. Be kind. Inquire. Check-in. We’re all in this life thing together.

32. Self-compassion is nurturing yourself with all the kindness & love you would shower on someone you cherish.

33. Compassion is the passion with heart.
It is a wonderful way to let a struggling soul know that there is love in the world.
Make others smile. It will make their day. It will make your day.

Love And Compassion Quotes

34. “Positive energies are your inner superpowers. Fill it fully with healing that matters. Share love, kindness and be compassionate in every goof and bad times of your life.”

35. One of the most enjoyable things we can do is to help someone without expecting anything in return and in some cases without them even knowing we helped. Seeing someone succeed or even smile because of something we did brings a special kind of joy.

helping hand quotes

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36. Self-compassion is nurturing yourself with all the kindness & love you would shower on someone you cherish

37. You have the ability to change someone’s life for the better. small acts of Love & Compassion can go a long way; so please do so.

38. “When we lose things, we soften to others who lost what they counted on.
I wish it didn’t hurt so much.”

I hope you start it with Compassion ~ for those who are hurting
Hope~ for those in despair ~
Empathy~ for those who need it
Kindness~ to everyone
And massive Love to heal this sometimes cruel world.

40. Being without compassion can mean we may miss seeing all the angles of situations – sometimes to our own detriment.

detriment quotes

41. “There are synergies between wisdom, mindfulness and compassion.
They feed into One another Wonderfully.”

42. We have to approach life with empathy to understand other people and give them second chances. When we do this, we find we open ourselves up to more people who bring joy and positive change.

When you open your heart and your hand,
you never know what blessings will land
in your life and add joy to your days.

Compassion And Kindness Quotes

44. God has given me a gift and a purpose. Spreading love is what It’s all about. There’s nothing more gratifying than helping someone.

Orease Bowers

45. Humanity will never truly be human until it learns to live in peace and harmony with all the creatures who inhabit this planet. Then, maybe, we can live with each other.

46. “No matter where a person is at or what their life experience has been, they deserve the chance to be helped and be supported to help themselves”

47 “Make compassion your choice of today to soothe and temper you and others when hearts and minds go astray. Let kindness open the way for you and others to have a more loving day.”

_Dr Jo Anne White

48. Exclusion is derived from fear, ignorance, and power, whilst inclusion is derived from love, compassion, and respect.

49. “Being compassionate is a choice and a blessing. Thinking about others and helping them isn’t an easy act.”

50. “Your compassion doesn’t not only help others to give hope but also inspiring many to be compassionate.”

51. “People dealing with chronic illness…Display courage in the face of fear and the uncertainty that is a constant part of their life. They retain compassion and smile through the pain to help put everyone at ease, even when they are imploding inside.”

52. The people that bring sunshine into this world are the ones who have a heart of gold that shines so brightly it burns like the sun.

Beth Frates

53. You never know how much your positive energy or giving a moment of your time can help someone get through. Even the smallest act of kindness, compliment or encouraging word can help go a long way.

_Allistair McCaw

Quotes About Compassion And Empathy

54. The love cultivates kindness, compassion, and connection. Love is the universal need that unites all human beings and it’s so important to have healthy relationships and deep, meaningful connections with others.

55. To understand your unique inner power – you must not use the same level of thinking that caused you to think that you do not have power.

56. “We must think about compassion & ability to give to others. When we become fulfilled by giving rather than receiving, we are perpetually satisfied & feel no lack or emptiness.”

57. “The world needs all of us to keep our minds & hearts open. Big Changes are needed. Playing it safe or doing things our of fear is not the answer. Courage, Compassion, Connection & the Common Good matter now more than ever.
We are one human family looking out for each other.”

58. Treat others with love and kindness and your heart will always be full and open. You will feel at peace when you treat the most vulnerable with empathy and understanding.

59. It costs you nothing to show your Compassionate and Supportive side to someone who is struggling and needs a friend.

60. Love is good; Good is divine; Divine is kindness; Kindness is peace & happiness
Bring love & kindness to your world today.

61. If you feel guilt or unease when someone is in poor condition than you, that can be the seed of compassion. Just hold on to it, nurture it to grow.
That will blossom into an act of kindness.
Learn to build a garden of happiness.

62. “Your presence and compassion in your friend’s life are what matters. When we are in pain, we fear to lose our friendships and missing out on the action in our lives. Responsibilities threaten to bury us and isolation creep up around us.”


I am a believer, dreamer and adventurer. I believe love and honesty can conquer everything. Life is a precious gift we received from our lord. It's my privilege to share thoughts and quotes. I want everyone to be happy and positive.

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