50 Emotional Intelligence Quotes

Emotional intelligence is all about understanding how to deal with your and someone else’s emotions in the right way. You can know more about emotional intelligence through quotes and sayings. I’ve gathered myriads of quotes about emotional intelligence to help you understand emotions and feelings well.

Here are the famous and the best quotes on Emotional intelligence with images.

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Emotional Intelligence Quotes with Images

1. Emotional intelligence is a way of recognizing, understanding, and choosing how we think, feel, and act. It shapes our interactions with others and our understanding of ourselves. – J. Freedman

emotional intelligence quotes images
emotional intelligence quote

2. Emotional intelligence is the foundation for dealing with impulses, dealing with stress, and responding versus reacting. An emotionally intelligent individual is highly conscious of his or her own emotional states & those of others.

Quotes on Emotional Intelligence
quotes on emotional intelligence

3. Emotional intelligence is about becoming intelligent about our emotions. It is the ability to accurately perceive our emotions and stay aware of them as they happen. To use this awareness of our emotions to positively direct our behaviour. To pick up on emotions in others and understand what is really going on. Emotional intelligence helps us to understand and to use our emotions and others’ to successfully manage interactions between them.

Emotional Intelligence meaning
quotes about emotional intelligence

4. Emotional intelligence is your general ability to process your emotions and still act within the rationale of a clear head.

Powerful Emotion Quotes
Powerful Emotion Quotes

5. You should always endeavour with no expectations, not to be a product of your thoughts or egos. You have the power to find yourself in the small space between feeling the emotion and behavioural reaction that follows. Emotional intelligence is the power to feel. Identify, and neutralise the emotion before becoming the emotion.

strong emotional quotes
strong emotional quotes

Short Quotes On Emotional Intelligence

6. Heart and mind couched in ourselves we don’t have switches that when it is turned on the other is off. We feel our thinking we think our feeling and that’s what makes us emotionally intelligent.

emotional connection quotes
emotional connection quotes

7. Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be broken down into the understanding and management of our own thoughts and feeling as well as the understanding of others.

Emotional Intelligence Quotes
Emotional Intelligence Quotes

8. To be Emotionally Intelligent means to understand the powerful emotions of your and of others and to handle it properly.

Quotes on emotional intelligence
Quotes on emotional intelligence

9. The quality of our life is largely determined by the quality of our emotions. All our efforts (throughout the day) are towards maintaining or avoiding certain emotional feelings.

emotional quote about life
emotional quote about life

10. Emotional intelligence is not innate or inherent. Brings it out a strong self-aware statement like; recognising emotions in self and others; understanding the causes and consequences of emotions.

quotes about emotional intelligence
emotional intelligence quote

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11. Emotional intelligence is the ability to prefer that emotions work in favour of you instead of working against your mental health.

12. Emotional intelligence is the potential to make your emotions work in favour of you, as an alternative to working against you; When you are about to break down and opting to give up everything.

13. We are not who we THINK we are. We are simply the energies we allow to flow through us. Channel positive energies and radiate unconditional love and unwavering understanding help create a better world.

14. To understand the emotional intelligence one must learn how to process, cope, deal with adversity, critically think, & most importantly communicate is the answer to a lot of our youth, adult, & community problems!

15. Emotional Intelligence is an ability to understand and manage emotions greatly increases our chances of success.”

Emotional Intelligence Quotes For Leaders

16. Being a leader is about more than being the person in charge and making decisions. It’s about inspiring others to your vision. Read more tomorrow when my next lesson posts to Boost your Social and Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence Quotes For Leaders
Emotional Intelligence Quotes For Leaders

17. A great leader is the one who pulses on the mood of his teams. he manages his own emotions under stress while intuitively grasping how others feel and helping re-direct emotions in a more positive direction.

18. Leaders who equip their teams with the skill-sets of emotional intelligence are finding actionable, positive results in greater collaboration, communication, and cohesive energy.

19. Leaders with high emotional intelligence recognise fear & control their emotions; before they allow it to influence their actions demonstrating emotional stability in the face of adversity.

20. Emotionally intelligent leaders choose to be positive regardless of circumstances. And as a result, turn challenging things around more quickly.

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21. Great leaders move us to greatness. When we try to explain why they are so effective, we generally speak of strategy, vision, powerful ideas, and execution and emotional intelligence skills. Great leadership works through the emotions.

22. Emotional intelligence isn’t something to work on when you have the time. As a leader, you need to know how to socially connect and bring out the best in others. To reach your full potential, you need Emotional intelligence right now.

23. As the business landscape continuously changes, and leaders play towards their Emotional Intelligence, the ability to be vulnerable is considered a desirable trait – even an asset.

24. Emotional intelligence, which includes things like empathy, is, unfortunately, less commonly used and all too commonly undervalued soft skill. And not just among professionals.

Inspiring Quotes on Emotional Intelligence

25. Emotional intelligence is the capacity; to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships empathetically.

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emotional intelligence quote

26. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to control and express one’s own emotions and know how to read and respond to the emotions of others.

27. Emotional intelligence means; to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions. And
to recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others

28. Emotional Intelligence means our ability to deal with; be aware and express our own emotions as well as the ability to empathize with others and establish relationships.

29. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) refers to a person’s ability to recognize and understand feelings of both his / her own and others; to handle them effectively and to constantly create motivations for himself/herself.

30. Emotional Intelligence is as important as Mental Intelligence. We often underestimate its worth but in the long run; it is Emotional Intelligence that is going to support you, hold you and enable you to rise again.

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31. Emotional Intelligence profiling may have been scientifically developed and tested for work; But honing your emotional intelligence will help bring more love into all areas of your life.

32. Emotional Intelligence is the Difference; That Makes the Difference.
The more learn about emotional intelligence, the more you learn to appreciate it.

33. Emotional intelligence helps us navigate through any initial reluctance to the idea of change.
When we demonstrate the courage to have real conversations with ourself; that we may have been avoiding, we can change our lives forever.

Best Quotes to make you emotionally Intelligent

34. Emotional Intelligence is the power of responding to external situations and challenges so that we can solve our problems. We can respond in two ways, intellectually with reason or emotionally with feelings to solve our problems. Often both are required.

35. Higher emotional intelligence helps us to have stronger internal motivations. In this way, we reduce procrastination; increase confidence and improve our ability to focus on a goal. It also allows us to create better support networks. Overcome failures and insist.

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emotional intelligence quote

36. Having high emotional intelligence (EI) allows you to be successful in many areas. From personal relationships to being a strong leader; having a high EI improves your communication, adaptability, motivation, and teamwork!

37. It’s great to have a high IQ but having a high EQ could be better for you in terms of stability in the long run. Developing a high EQ helps during highly stressful situations, or in positions of leadership.

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38. High emotional intelligence can help you navigate the complexities of work, lead and motivate others, and excel.

Knowing how you actually feel, why you feel like that, and control it.
For example; knowing when you’re angry and likely to become irrational; so you back off, and make sure you stay rational.
Or if you’re depressed; you realise that you’re depressed, and you figure out what it is causing you to be depressed.
Emotional intelligence is basically just not letting your emotions get the better of you. Know what all of your emotions are and how to detect and control them.

40. Love all emotions and feel them. They are a precious gift so just don’t instantly react on them. They are simply a reflection of how you feel about what is around you. Practice the power of observation; evolve yourself to fit into what can be perceived as a crazy fast-paced world. Here you’ll find peace, here you’ll find yourself worthy of the kingdom of God within. Here you’ll find true yourself.

41. People need three things in life; physical needs, mental ability and emotional intelligence to survive in this wonderful world. Without food, no one can survive. Without a brain, no one will think about what they are doing and lastly, without emotions, no one can feel love.

42. When you understand the emotions of others and help them in making their emotions their strength; that is when you woke up their dormant emotional intelligence.

43. Understanding those around you, how they affect you, and how you affect them. Reading between the lines; understanding context, body language and empathy is called emotional intelligence.

44. Don’t forget, self-care isn’t just about nurturing your body, it’s also about nurturing your mind & setting boundaries to protect yourself & your emotional wellbeing.

45. Your body is simply using its most primal instincts to keep you alive. But with emotional intelligence; we can learn to choose when we act on these emotions and when we ignore them.

46. Self-awareness is the foundation upon which other emotional intelligence competencies are built. Know thy self! Having the ability to observe the connection between your thoughts and feelings.

47. The world needs emotional intelligence and we as individuals have to learn to ‘turn the other cheek’. This cannot be accomplished by faith, determination, willpower or positive thinking alone. This vital skill is only attained through self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

48. Emotional intelligence (EQ) allows you to get what YOU want; not simply to understand others better. It also allows for greater comprehension of ourselves too.

49. Emotional intelligence is the skill to realise one’s own emotions and the emotions of others in a way that helps to satisfy productive interactions and relationships.

50. Emotional intelligence means to stay calm under pressure and be the one others choose to follow. Know how your emotions impact the behaviours of your team. Recognize the ripple effect of your mood. Remember positive energy can counter negative feelings.