100+ Best Mindfulness Quotes To Inspire You

Mindfulness Quotes To Inspire You

Being mindfulness means being aware of what is happening to you and around. Accepting reality and staying calm in all situations and being thankful for everything whether that is positive or negative. I’ve collected a bunch of motivational and inspiring quotes and sayings about mindfulness. Mindfulness quotes for life, student, teacher, coach etc. The quotes …

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75 Selflessness Quotes & Sayings To Inspire You

Selflessness Quotes & Sayings To Inspire You

Enjoy and share inspirational quotes about selflessness, selflessness quotes, motivational quotes on selflessness and giving. Selflessness quotes about love and relationships, selfless service quotes. Best Quotes About Selflessness 1. “We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act.” ~ Gautama Buddha …

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70 Powerful Generosity Quotes & Sayings

Generosity Quotes

A life without generosity is like a forest without trees. The happiness we feel by giving others is not comparable to anything. Being generous is one of the best qualities of a leader, teacher, spiritual guide and all human beings. I’m feeling great to share inspirational and powerful quotes about generosity, quotes on Generosity and …

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75+ Deep Intellectual Quotes and Saying

Intellectual Quotes and Saying

Intellectual people think differently and uniquely, they are creative thinkers and believe in creativity. In this article, I’ve shared more than 75 Deep Intellectual Quotes and Saying that helps you think creatively and improve your personality. Deep Intellectual Quotes 1. The person who thinks what others don’t think and who don’t think what others think …

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Sister Quotes: 35+ Cute Quotes for Sister

Cute Quotes for Sister

When friends say they are busy, a sister says come here and talk to me. When parents say do your best, sister also says tell me the rest, when society says you can’t do anything, sister says your talent says everything. Sister is a precious gift from God and lucky are those who have a …

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